Maria Paschalidou is a visual artist and researcher working with photography, video performance and installation.
Relying on expanded uses of the photographic medium and video, she seeks to blur the boundaries between the ‘real’ and the ‘imagined’, through visual metaphors, fabricated environments, ephemeral constructions, orchestrated public performances and participatory/interactive installations.
Paschalidou received a Ph.D. in Lens-based Media (DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY, UK 2018), an MFA in Photography (COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO, USA 2005) and a BA in Economics (UNIVERSITY OF MACEDONIA, Thessaloniki, Greece 1992). Her research interests include the performativity of lens-based media, initiatives for collaborative projects and participative acts in art as well as activities that challenge dichotomies such as artist and audience, image and language and theory-praxis.
Her artwork has been presented in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Australia and Asia and has also been published in exhibition catalogues and book editions.
Her curatorial and collaborative activities investigate the complex relationship between politics and aesthetics by adopting an interdisciplinary approach and engaging a wide range of theoreticians and art practitioners in constructive art events on contemporary socio-political issues.
Paschalidou has been a visiting lecturer for various academic programs in Greece and abroad. She currently lives in Athens where she works as an art professor specializing in Expanded Uses of Lens-based Media, Conceptual Photography, Digital Imaging, Digital video and post-production.