University of Bergen, Norway 25 – 27 March 2020

"The 11th SAR (Society for Artistic Research) International Conference on Artistic Research, SAR 2020, investigates and discusses the relation between Artistic Research, various notions of collective reality and alternative imaginations. Reality, as we currently know it, is marked by a series of inter-connected crises, and as part of larger collective structures, artistic researchers are confronted by and immersed in these. The urgency of these crises forces the agency and relevance of Artistic Research into question. By debating modes of research, dissemination and communication employed by Artistic Research as well as its academic contextualization, the SAR 2020 conference aims at negotiating and analysing the problems we face". 

My contribution to the conference entitled Rehearsing memories: Performative aspects of political loss
is an online participatory presentation in which I present video fragments of my research and invite the audience to share any relevant experience and/or memory of political loss. My intention is to generate a conversation on how art research practices can respond to the urgencies and emergencies posed by the current rising of neo-fascist movements in Europe. 

Antifascist Concert, Lipasmata Drapetsona, 17.09.19 © Maria Paschalidou 2019