International Invitational Exhibition
Curators: Maria Paschalidou | Georgia Kotretsos

Sponsored by: The City Arts Grants of Chicago and The Illinois Arts Council

The Art of Artist Statement
, is an invitational international exhibition in the context of which artists were invited to create a piece of artwork, in media of their choice, as a commentary on the subject of the written document that is called ‘artist statement’.
The idea was initiated by the two artists, Maria Paschalidou and Georgia Kotretsos who curated the exhibition and organized the panel discussion with art academics, curators and artists at the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center of Chicago.


Kika Charalambidou | Juan William Chávez | Thulani Earnshaw | Effie Hallivopoulou | Richard Koenig | Brandon LaBelle | Jenny Marketou | Serkan Özkaya | Sabrina Raaf | Scott Reeder | Ryan Swanson | Anna Lagiou-Tsouloufi | Pamela Z | Eleni Zouni

GRAPHIC DESIGN (exhibition catalogue and postcard): Gökhan Ersan


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