Installation: Video | Photography | Sound | Construction

In-situ Collaborative project: Maria Paschalidou and Constantinos Papadoukas

Created with the collaboration of two artists, Cut Here is an in-situ installation that simulates the space of an industrial factory. Particularly, the “APOTHEKE” factory in Tavros, Athens that provided the main physical site for the ElectroMedia Works 08 festival.

The installation consists of multiple video projections on a construction made by fabric inside which viewers explore visually the process of the assembling line in the industrial production, the repetition, consistency and the automation of the machinery.


  • ElectroMedia Works ’08. “APOTHEKE – ART FACTORY”. Tavros, Athens 14-18 May 2008. Organized by: Medea Electrοnique, Center for Music Composition & Performance, EPHMEE