Photography Installation: Analogue Photography | Digital Imaging | Video [3:00] | Slide transparencies | Sculptures
© Maria Paschalidou 2002

Insomnia refers to the ‘unfinished’ and ‘incomplete’ ideas that are condemned to the state of non-praxis. The installation consists of photographic images trapped in glass laboratory bulbs (miniature sculptures) and their projections in the shape of big size digital prints that represent the installation itself.


  • 5th Forum for European Artistic Mobility. Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art & Goethe Institute. Thessaloniki, 17-19 December 2004. Organized by: The State Museum of Contemporary Art, Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki, Apollonia/European Art Exchanges, ArtBOX, Culture 2000 of the EU
  • Fractured Lines. Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, 27 January – 14 March 2003. Curator: Sabrina Raaf